Making an Impact

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The world of kids is fast-paced and constantly changing, full of excitement, adventure, and limitless potential. But it can also be a world full of confusion, fear, and loneliness. For many kids, it is a 
world of relentless pressure, overwhelming anxiety, and incredible darkness. It's into this darkness that Young Life and Wyld Life leaders venture, hoping to earn the friendship of middle and high school kids, and longing to point them toward the Light of Life- Jesus Christ.

For nearly 25 years, Young Life leaders in Sarasota have spent countless hours each week showing up in the lives of kids here- on their turf and in their culture- passionately and patiently building bridges of authentic friendship and trust. We learn what's important to them, because we genuinely care about their joys and triumphs, 
their heartaches and setbacks. We sincerely believe that kids' lives are greatly impacted whenever caring adults come alongside them, sharing with them unconditional friendship and God's great love.


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