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Young Life Sarasota Committee

Karl Huber- Committee Chair
The Committee Chair is responsible for working with the Area Director to help lead and direct Young Life in a local community. The Board Chair helps organize and run Board Meetings and works with the Coordinator of each subcommittee to be sure that every aspect of Young Life is healthy and stable. The Board Chair also shares responsibility in the recruiting and training of new Board Members, including a succeeding Board Chair at the end of their term.

Beverley Underwood- Prayer Coordinator
Our Prayer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting a team of people who will regularly pray for leaders, kids, and every aspect of ministry in the local community, as well as communicating our weekly plan and our pressing prayer needs.

Bob Oram- TDS Chair
TDS is our acronym that stands for Taking Donors Seriously. In Young Life, we recognize the importance of taking care of those who generously support our ministry and keep us moving forward. The TDS chair not only monitors gifts and donations, but oversees the strategy for how we will thank each donor who supports our mission.

Chris Brandon- Treasurer
The treasurer is responsible for keeping a close eye on the money that comes in to support Young Life, as well as the money we spend, to ensure faithful stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by God through our donors.

​Ann Gamble Blechta and Francie Hall- Leader Care Coordinators
The Leader Care Coordinator works with the Area Director and the Committee Chair to ensure that each of our volunteer leaders are cared for by helping provide encouragement and friendship to them. The Leader Care Coordinator will eventually oversee Leader Care Teams that serve each of our Young Life and Wyld LIfe teams. We are currently praying for a dedicated Leader Care Coordinator to join our Board.

Mike and Cinzia Forbes, Charlene Lindner- Event Coordinators
Our Event Coordinators work with the Area Director and are responsible for recruiting teams to help plan and host our annual fundraising banquet, the largest event we host for adults, as well as smaller events. Plans are currently being made for events coming in late 2016 and early 2017.

​Lyn Olson (Venice) and Carol Oram (Sarasota)- Church, Community and Alumni Relations
Our CCAR Coordinators work together with the Area Director to build and maintain relationships between our mission and the various Churches, Adults and Alumni in the area. They strive to connect us to Missions Committees at local churches and to keep YL Alumni engaged in the current happenings in our ministry.

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